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Welcome to the official website of Martin Spitznagel.

Martin Spitznagel

Hi!I’m Martin. I’ve had a presence on the web in one form or another since 1996, when I was 13 years old. Someday I’ll get to tell my kids, “I was on the Internet before Facebook was invented!” and they will think I am old. 

When I was 12, I discovered ragtime. It has made my life a lot more fun.

In addition to playing the piano, I love to compose new music. I also love writing, and keep a journal of my ragtime misadventures on my blog. I’m even an independent filmmaker, and I just completed my first full-length movie.

If you want to get in touch with me for any reason, contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

Creativity makes me happy. And so do you. Thanks for visiting.



Albums For Sale

Latest and Greatest (2011)

Handful of Keys: Face-Melting Ragtime Played By Martin Spitznagel (2011) aims to meet the modern audience where they are by adapting ragtime and stride classics to my unique style while also performing pieces not usually associated with the ragtime idiom.

In the mix are ragtime interpretations of tunes from Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins, themes from well-known video games (Super Mario Brothers, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy), as well a half-dozen of my own compositions, including “The Train Town Rag,” winner of the 2010 Scott Joplin Foundation New Rag Contest, and “The Smoky Rose,” winner of the 2011 World Old-Time Piano Playing Championship New Rag Contest.

The future of ragtime is here. Get your copy today! More >>

My Debut Solo Album (2007)

Ragtime legend Max Morath says “Tricky Fingers (2007) is simply a stunning piece of work.” Reviewer Jack Rummel declares Tricky Fingers “an impressive first recording,” adding that my “interpretations are anything but stereotypical — one hardly knows what to expect next!” And jazz pianist Tony Caramia says Tricky Fingers “approaches Ragtime with the vitality, strength, enthusiasm, gusto, and spirit that it deserves.”

Anyone who has heard me play knows the energy and imagination I try to bring to my performances, and Tricky Fingers is no exception. Featuring the music of Eubie Blake, Scott Joplin, Billy Mayerl, and George Gershwin alongside more recent ragtime-inspired compositions by Robin Frost, Adam Swanson, and myself, Tricky Fingers is a ragtime lover’s dream. More >>


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One of the best parts of giving a piano performance is interacting with the audience afterwards. It’s a moment of genuine connection with others, a chance to hear how they have connected the experience of your music to their lives. Sure, you hear a lot of odd things... I never quite know how to respond when someone tells me about the neighbor’s son who plays the saxophone. (In my head I always respond, “What do ...
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