An Open Letter to Megabus

September 30, 2011 Uncategorized 2 Comments

Yeah, but he's not sleeping with your WiFi...

Dear Megabus,

Hi. It’s Martin. This is the third trip in a row where there was no WiFi on your bus.

Either stop advertising free WiFi, or fix your damn routers.

I know you’re cheap, usually on time, and not all that disgusting, but you can’t advertise amenities – things like wireless internet and power – and then consistently not provide them.

This is called “false advertising,” and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal.

I wouldn’t be so upset if the words “Free WiFi!” weren’t slathered on the side of all of your buses in garish orange letters. I did not realize this was an attempt at irony. I can understand a service outage here and there, but this is the third four-hour-plus bus ride where no one had access to wireless Internet.

Also, none of the power outlets on bus DDO070 work. There is a circle of Hell waiting for you because of this fact.

You clearly have this issue often with your riders, as you state on your website, “Megabus will make a reasonable effort to make WiFi services available free of charge to every passenger. If the WiFi service is unavailable no refund will be issued.” I’d like to know what you mean by “reasonable effort,” as I’ve seen no such effort on the part of the driver or any of your lackadaisical staff to ensure WiFi is available on the bus.

I’d be happy to, you know, reset the router for you. Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?

Helpfully, your customer service number offers more than 10 choices for automated information, none of which are “If you’d like to complain to Megabus about their lies, press 4.” Also, this number hangs up on you if you press “0” to get an operator more than twice. Ask me how I know this.

So, in short, I’d like you to repaint your buses to state, “Probably No WiFi!” or “There might be WiFi onboard!” or “Will there be WiFi? Board to find out!”

Not as catchy, but at least it’s true.

2 Comments to “An Open Letter to Megabus”

  1. Ma
    This post on the Megabus website would be a thing of beauty!
  2. Sheron
    Oh I wish I had read this, years ago! You made me smile - an angry man on a megabus on this day, Jan-07-2014 (not via megabus fake wifi).

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