Deleted Track: “Tiny Toon Adventures” in Ragtime

June 22, 2011 Uncategorized 3 Comments

Hi friends!

Here’s another deleted track from my new album Handful of Keys, a rendition of my Tiny Toon Adventures YouTube video recorded on the lovely Steinway “D” on which I recorded the album.

While this arrangement works in the YouTube video, it just seemed weird on the album. I’m not sure why. Oh well – the album’s loss is your gain!

Enjoy this high-quality MP3 of one of the great themes of my childhood.

“Tiny Toon Adventures” in Ragtime

iPhone-friendly link: click here

3 Comments to “Deleted Track: “Tiny Toon Adventures” in Ragtime”

  1. ixM
    Hi Martin, Sounds great! The begining reminds me of one of the title of the soundtrack of Tim Burton's «Corpse Bride». Did you see the movie? Maybe you'd enjoy the song «The remains of the day». Thanks for sharing this track! ixM
  2. hiroman
    the music is realy good bat i cant donwlode it or i cant find the button plz help i realy would like to have this song ^^ i am a fan of tta to bad that it finished when one of the mane character buster bunny lost his voice =[[[
  3. Ma
    This was really sweet...brings back memories for me, too!

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