How to Make Martin’s Day – Keenlyside Edition

February 16, 2012 Ragtime Leave a comment

Max Keenlyside

Max Keenlyside, the young virtuoso who in June 2010 brought the word “face-melting” to ragtime, went one step farther into the Land of Amazing and composed a fantastic piece called “The Facemelter.”

Aside from being just a great piece – which, as you are about to hear, it is – this tune makes my day because, well, Max wrote this tune with me in mind!

To hear him tell it:

It was at the annual Scott Joplin Festival, one hot summer in Missouri, that I first applied the word “face-melting” to anything musical. I had picked up the ‘term’ from a guitarist friend years ago in Ontario, and had not since been moved to dub anyone or anything such a term. That is, until I heard some incredible performances by my friend, pianist Martin Spitznagel.

It seemed that this particular adjective really took off; in short order, the term was commonplace, with Mr. Spitznagel reigning as “the Facemelter” himself! I cannot think of anybody more deserving of the title – so as a hommage to a great pianist and composer, here is my new composition, “The Facemelter”. I hope you like it, Martin!

I’m speechless, so I will let the piece say it for me. But just so we’re clear, this is how I looked after I heard it:

This piece should come with a warning label!


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