Idle Hands

April 11, 2011 Uncategorized 3 Comments

Oh my God, it's so old and yet I love it so much.

The third desktop computer my family ever bought was a Gateway 2000 Pentium 120MHz. It was 1996. I was 13.

There are so many things in that sentence that make me sound old, it’s hard to know where to start. However, that computer lived for a good, long time, and when my Mom updated last year to a brand new 17″ Macbook Pro, I inherited the old boy.

There wasn’t a whole bunch to do with a system that ancient. No modern OS would run on it. I remember that it used to struggle ripping a CD to MP3s. It was old a long time ago. What to do?

Thankfully, the internet came to the rescue, with lots of ideas on what to do with an old computer. After some Googling and research on Etsy, here’s what I did with mine!

Use the RAM as a keychain...

Tools: Scissors
Difficulty: Easy peasy
Notes: Cut the RAM stick in half with the scissors and round the corners. The keyring fits right through the hole in the RAM stick, and voila!

Motherboard Clock

Turn the motherboard into a WICKED clock...

Tools: Pliers, drill, clock kit from, blood of the unicorn
Difficulty: Annoying as [bleep]
Notes: The clock kit was easy to assemble. The hard part? Clearing off the AGP port, RAM slots, and resistors from the underside of the motherboard in order to attach the clock movement. SO ANNOYING. Seriously, it took animal sacrifices to the Four Towers of Galondor to get those things off. But! The result is pretty sexy, if I say so myself 😀



3 Comments to “Idle Hands”

  1. Perfessor Bill Edwards
    Old? Old? Because you got a pentium when you were 13? That was my third work computer. Old? When I was hired at Acton Burnell, it was originally to update them from Dos to Windows 3.11, and to make their setup work with OS/2 Warp, all on a 600 mb drive. I was working with VAX before that, fortran and cobol in high school, and wrote my first published rag when you were all of 2 years old. Don't bust me on old. You and _I_ are still young and reveling in it. Old people play ragtime. Young people PERFORM the hell out of it and energize the stuff. I am HARDLY through YET! Old. Sheesh. BE
  2. Martin
    Well said, Bill. Sometimes this technology stuff makes me feel older than I am. 600MB hard drive! Nice! Our first family computer was, I think, an IBM-compatible 8080 from Honeywell. I remember it had this screen that was orange and black, and I played "Space Invaders" on it whenever my dad would let me. 5.25" floppy, the whole bit...
  3. Ma
    Martin, this is cool! Can't wait to see this creation in person. Can you find out what to do with an old Polaroid? Ma

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