Play it again, playlist…

April 30, 2011 Uncategorized 3 Comments

I am such a perfectionist!

The playlist for my latest solo album has been finalized. Yay! 22 tracks of ragtime goodness:

Handful of Keys
The Easy Winners
Mary Poppins Medley
The Chips Are Down
The Smoky Rose
Ticklish Tom
The Train Town Rag
Hobson Street Blues
Marty’s Blues
Legend of Zelda
The Newbie Eubie
Hot Cinders
Amblin’ with Chocobo (feat. Bryan Wright)
Incandescent Rag
The Entertainer (Blues)
Pork and Beans
The Seagull Shuffle
Super Mario Medley (feat. Bryan Wright)
Amazing Grace
Tiger Rag
Bonus Track: Maple Leaf Rag @ 4AM

I’m really excited for this album. Each track has been a labor of love, and I’m delighted that I’m able to offer so many tracks on my second album. My friend and producer Bryan Wright said “it’s 10,000 times better than Tricky Fingers,” which is amazing and terrific news! It should be available for purchase at the end of May, if all goes according to plan. I will keep you posted! Woo! Just need to get the liner notes written, and then it’s off to the presses…

3 Comments to “Play it again, playlist…”

  1. Daniel Levi
    Looks like a great list! Lots of variety. Was wondering, since I've seen your YouTube videos and had been hoping for some of the familiar songs to appear on your album - did you have to do anything for access to the movie / video game songs, or is it considered fair use? (or something like it)
  2. Martin
    Hi Daniel, thanks for asking. The YouTube videos I get away with because they are not-for-profit, but to put something like "Super Mario Brothers" on an album you have to acquire a mechanical license for the music via the Harry Fox Agency. The rate is roughly $.08/per CD per track, so I'll likely end up paying $300 in mechanical licensing fees to get these tunes on my album :)
  3. Daniel Levi
    From the unbiased perspective of someone not paying those fees, totally worth it. :)

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