Steve Jobs

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Another hero of the Martinverse passes through the veil...

I worked for Apple in 2006-2007 as a specialist at the Apple Store.

The best thing about working at the Apple Store was that, on a daily basis, I got to help people purchase technology that would improve the quality of their life.

The worst thing about working at the Apple Store was that I spent all my money… at the Apple Store.

I got to do all of this with a straight face and a clean conscience. I got to say things like “Isn’t that cool?” without sarcasm or slickness, because I believe(d), in my Real Place, that it was cool. I got to believe in what I was doing – with the sole exception of being asked to sell .Mac, which was a suite of online apps that did for $99 what Google did (better) for free, but I digress – and I felt good when I helped folks pick out a new computer or iPod. I felt like I was helping them in a small way to be happier, more connected, and more powerful.

My hero was Steve Jobs. Steve made it fun, made it cool, made it magic. Because of him I was happier, more connected, and more powerful.

Steve Jobs died today.

His death was one of those things that I knew was coming – pancreatic cancer is the most vicious, the most pernicious enemy – and yet when it came, it did so as a total, wind-out-of-my-chest shock. I’m not above confessing that I cried. Like Jim Henson, he was a personal hero of mine.

The web is alight with people offering their obits, their stories, their condolences. Aside from dealing with my own thoughts on death, I don’t have much to add to what has been said, only this:

The reality distortion field became reality, and the world is a better place.

Thank you, Steve.

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  1. Ma
    I see a lot of Steve Jobs in you. He lives on. RIP

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