World Old-Time Championship Videos

July 13, 2011 Uncategorized 4 Comments

Hi! Sorry I’ve been silent lately. Hilarity has ensued, just not here.

That said, thanks to Yuko Eguchi-Wright, esteemed scholar and wife of my friend and producer Bryan Wright, I’m able to present, in the order they were performed, all six of my entries into the World Old-time Piano Playing Championship!

Here they are, laid bare for posterity…

4 Comments to “World Old-Time Championship Videos”

  1. Ma
    How is this piano not a pile of shards???? Super Martino smashes these tunes to bits!! What a treat! Here's to the World Champ!
  2. Dan Levi
    Was just thinking - have you ever considered publishing a book of sheet music of your compositions? I would buy it if it existed.
  3. Martin
    Hi Dan! I'm actually working on said book. It's my summer project. My goal is for it to feature 10 of my best pieces in one volume. Thanks for asking! I will keep you posted here...
  4. Adam DH
    Could you give me a shout when that book is ready/released? I would absolutely love to have one!

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